Mr. Jorge Mario Bonifaz welcomes you to Hotel Pensión Bonifaz, located in the department of Quetzaltenango, founded on March 7, 1935 by Mr. Guillermo Bonifaz Córdova and Mrs. Silvia Lagrange de Bonifaz, opening its doors with 3 rooms and eager to raise a family with eight children. Under a cloak of faith, strength and love, they begin their work with Mr. Justo Comas as their first guest.

Its rooms consisted of two beds, a typical carpet in the middle, two chairs or armchairs, a typical Totonicapán table with its rug, a jar with cartridges to set the room and make it more welcoming, a clay pot, a dressing table. with a rustic mirror, a basin, a jug, two soaps and two towels, and inside a small bedside table, a classic potty so as not to go out at night.

Over time, a laundress, a cook, a woman who washed dishes and a janitor joined the work team. Don Guillermo Bonifaz Córdova worked as a receptionist, accountant, maintenance, among other positions that over time became necessary, on the other hand, Mrs. Silvia de Bonifaz made the seams and patches that were needed, and her older daughters were in charge of making the rooms. , do the market, clean and take care of his younger siblings. The price of spending one night at the hotel was Q2.00, this rate included meals, at that time food delivery service was also offered.

The beginnings of Hotel Pensión Bonifaz were full of sacrifice, hard work, some losses, but above all perseverance, every day was an opportunity to create or do something different, something that captured people, something that made them choose Hotel Pensión Bonifaz as a first option in stay. Time gave opportunities, facilities were acquired, a quality boiler and machinery, more personnel were hired, more rooms were created, a well, a bar, a swimming pool, a large parking lot, an elegant restaurant, an efficient laundry and it was remodeled without lose the colonial touch that characterizes and has been to the taste of our visitors.

Currently Hotel Pensión Bonifaz has 73 rooms and is still in the hands of the Bonifaz family, counting not only on hotel service, but also on restaurant service, international cuisine, catering line, indoor pool and event organization. The hotel is well positioned nationally and internationally, recognized by quality and biosafety seals. Hotel Pensión Bonifaz continues to seek to grow and learn more to meet all the expectations of each of its visitors.


We are a company formed by a group of professionals in providing hotel, restaurant and event services, with more than 85 years of experience in the market, focused on exclusivity, innovation and constant development through an administration committed to the environment, bio-security and quality service for a stay that exceeds the expectations of our customers.


To be a leading company in the hotel market at a national and international level, positioning ourselves as the best alternative in lodging, restaurant and event services through the implementation of innovation, technology, environmental conservation, bio-security protocols and social responsibility, optimizing resources and promoting the development of human talent.